What they say about Lotte Berk

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What they say about Lotte Berk

Hers is the most intense, effective form of exercise you can do – a cross between yoga and ballet that’s designed to strengthen and stretch the body.  Once you start, it almost becomes like a drug – you can’t stop… and you can just see the results, long lean legs and a high bottom

Liz Tiberis, Editor of Harpers Bazaar

A body-sculpting fitness hybrid devised 40 years ago by former ballet dancer, the late Lotte Berk,.. known as the Rottweiler of the fitness industry.  Though the method has been modernized over the years, the underlying retro principles are still there.  Using a combination of low-impact strength training, dance, orthopaedic back exercises and yoga an hour long workout will really tone up and change your body shape

 Easy Living, Vogue Magazine

With Lotte Berk finding precisely the right starting position is the key to the whole thing.  A series of exacting movements to tone and strengthen the individual muscle groups the Lotte Berk method reaches parts that general body conditioning classes might fail to isolate

Michele Kirsch, Style Magazine, The Sunday Times

Lotte is the hardest thing I’ve ever done – save for the London Marathon.  Why? Because Lotte hurts – Like Hell.  The exercises which quite often seem like tiny postural corrections, are killers once you get going. … One New York jewellery designer gave me her take:  “ I’ve done every exercise regime known to man – everything bulked me up apart from Lotte, which slimmed and elongated me.”

Tina Gaudoin Cool Hunter, The Times

The late Ms Berk moved as though she was on rollers.  She believed that, like a swan, it should appear effortless, despite the hard work going on behind the scenes

Vogue Beauty

Do you ever see those impossibly well toned forty-something women (by the way they're probably closer to fifty, given how many talented dermatologists we have here in Manhattan) running around the City and wonder how on earth they look so good?  Well I'll tell you.  It all started with Lotte Berk.

Laura Kirschbaum New York

If you want to keep a youthful figure forever, you can